10 Greatest Stargate: SG-1 Moments

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5 More Great Moments from Stargate: SG-1


#6- Alternate Realities are a Thing, and Some Bad Stuff’s About to Happen


The episode (There But for the Grace of God)starts out pretty simple – Dr. Jackson touches something he shouldn’t (shocker!), and gets transported to an alternate reality. Ho hum. It’s been done so many times before.

However, the things Dr. Jackson sees happening in this alternate reality correlates with what’s happening in our reality. In the alternate reality, they sent the bomb through on Abydos, Dr. Jackson wasn’t in the Stargate program, Teal’c never joined up with SG-1, and Carter and O’Neill were engaged. Same people, slightly different results.

The episode ends with Dr. Jackson convincing the alternate reality SGC to let him go through the Stargate and save our reality. They relent, and as he arrives back into our reality he screams, “They’re coming!”. The Goa’uld are coming, and so began a three part season finale.

#7- The Goa’uld Have Super Fast Ships and Want to Destroy Us


This is the season finale of season 1. The team gates to the coordinates Dr. Jackson received in the alternate reality in order to stop the Goa’uld mission of destroying Earth. They soon find out that it’s coordinates to a Goa’uld ship, not planet. What are they to do?

Blow it up, of course

While on this ship, they discover that Apophis is not on it, but Klorel (Skaara) is running it, and will meet up with Apophis when they are closer to Earth. The team also discovers a new weapon – the Zat’nik’tels: first shot is a stun, second is death, third is disintegrate. Handy.

As the episode ends, we see Earth and Apophis’ ship..

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#8- The SG-1 Team Saves the Earth (Again)


The first episode in the second season is a doozy, to say the least. Even if they blow up Klorel’s ship, it won’t damage Apophis’ ship at all. That’s no good. Oh, and did I mention Carter set a timer in the last episode? Carter set a timer in the last episode. So Klorel’s ship is blowing up either way.

Daniel gets seriously injured (you shouldn’t be surprised by this, though), and makes Jack leave him for dead. However, there is a perfectly good Sarcophagus over there..

With the help of a surprise friend, they get to Apophis’ ship and blow up the shield generator and escape on death gliders. Unfortunately, the pesky little timer that Carter set a day before was set off just before the team was out of range.

Resigned to die, at least they had a magnificent view of earth. And a space shuttle.

A space shuttle named Endeavour, that successfully picked them up and took them back to Earth.

#9- Carter Gets a Goa’uld


While giving mouth to mouth on a dying villager, Captain Carter becomes infested with a Goa’uld. The Goa’uld takes over and scares Cassandra, who then tells O’Neill what Carter has become. The Goa’uld who infested Sam turns out to be Jolinar, a “good” Goa’uld, and  a member of a group called the Tok’ra. Unfortunately, a “Goa’uld Assassin” comes and tries to kill Sam, but Jolinar gives her life to save Carter.

The lingering effects of Jolinar come up many times in the series, from visions to Goa’uld information.

#10- SG-1 Release the Destroyer of Worlds


The episode this is from, Prisoners, has a pretty simple premise at first: SG-1 is mistakenly accused of something terrible on an alien planet and sent off to a prison on yet another world. On it, they meet a woman named Linea. She is an old woman surrounded by criminals who murdered and stole and did many other unspeakable things, and yet this old woman is feared. I wonder why?

Oh, right. Because she’s this crazy smart lady who figured out cold fusion and can ‘hack’ into the SGC’s computer system after five minutes of using it. She explains to Carter that she was sent here because she was tasked with making an antidote for a plague and it backfired and killed thousands of people. But it was an accident, right?

Did I mention she’s also got this cute pet name as The Destroyer of Worlds?

She escapes through the Stargate at the end of the episode, just after everyone learns how evil she is from a stowaway prisoner. Oops.

There are SO many great scenes and episodes, it’s tough to pick out ten.  What are your favorite episodes of SG-!?

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