6 Sci-Fi Movies Loved by Scientists

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Not All Science Fiction is Fiction: 6 Movies That Scientists Love


Rightly so, many scientists are drawn to the science fiction drama, but like a medical doctor critiquing a medical drama, they can also be the genres biggest critics. But, this doesn’t mean that every sci-fi movie is rejected by these scientists, after all they understand the ‘fiction’ part of science fiction.

Here’s a list of some Sci-Fi  movies have actually inspired scientists to new research and theories:

6) 2008 WALL-E


Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class) is shown to be a robot which has been left behind by the bloated humans who have moved to space stations. When Wall-E falls in love with an EVE (Extraterrestial Vegetation Evaluator), together they repopulate the planet once more. The movie makes us question about our feeling for robots and humans and also makes us see how we conceptualize ourselves and then distort what we see. The movie formed the basis for the theory of mind and mirror neurons.



This movie showed a miniature spacecraft and its crew work hard to remove a life threatening blood clot from a scientist, so that he can share some deep secrets with them. The movie got 2 academy awards and also led to James Giordano thinking about medicine in the tiniest terms. Inspired by this movie, he has since been studying and researching about the reactions of the brain to pain.


4) 1979 ALIEN


While the makers of this movie showed that a woman can be a bad ass sci-fi action hero, the scientists saw her as a pioneer in fictional biology who uses humans as host for her progeny. Scientists love the fact that the movie is, in some form, a proof that the life cycle can be really weird.


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