6 Sci-Fi Movies Loved by Scientists

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Not All Science Fiction is Fiction: 6 Movies That Scientists Love

3) 1985: THE BRAZIL


Sam Lowry is shown to be a civil servant in a bleak world, where people are treated like mail in post office. Sam wishes to rescue imperiled women and this comes close to reality when he finally meets a female truck driver and runs afoul of the automated, dehumanizing system. The film is not appreciated by scientists for its accuracy, since there is none present in it, but for the fact that it does depict a future vision of many scientists. The film is like a warning to the scientists about their technology going south if not handled correctly. The future landscapes shown in this movie are an inspiration for many.

2) 1999: THE MATRIX


This movie showed the story of a hero named Neo, who can defy the laws of physics and lives in a world which has been virtually constructed by hostile robots who feed on human electrical energy. As per the real scientists, this movie explained the virtual world to the general public and made it easier for them to explain and communicate their research finding in this field. In fact, the scientists believe that there will come a time when every human will be able to develop virtual powers like the ones depicted in this movie.

1) 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)


This movie can be easily called the coming of age of the sci-fi movies. With this movie, the genre of sci-fi movies stopped being about rubber-suited monsters and graduated to credible portrayals of space explorations and the existence of the unknown. The movie and the subsequent novels, are about mission to the Jupiter and the discovery of an ancient monolith which may contain the answers to all the questions related to human race evolution. Anders Sandberg, a research fellow at Oxford, call this film an earnest and realistic effort in depicting expeditions to Jupiter. The depiction of the hardware and the living conditions in the movie are supposed to be the best depiction of life on a spaceflight and also how we would survive away from our planet. The movie found a fan in Leroy Chiao, who has flown 3 space shuttles for NASA and was shocked to see how accurate the depictions of the space life was in this movie.

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