All 6 Star Wars Films Coming to Netflix and AMC Theaters?

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Been Hoping to Binge Watch Star Wars Before The Force Awakens? Looks Like You’ll Have Options:


With the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens just a few months away, there will be plenty more Star Wars hype coming down the road. One thing that fans have been hoping for more than anything is the return of the original Star Wars trilogy to theaters to lead up to the release of The Force Awakens, and it looks like their wish may come true.

The movie theater chain AMC Theatres recently posted a Twitter update saying that fans would have the opportunity to see all six Star Wars movies in theaters again before The Force Awakens arrives, complete with a link that presumably went to a page where you could learn more about the marathon.

The tweet in question has since been deleted, but a Star Wars Junk reader was able to screenshot it:

Star Wars - AMC Theatres

If you try to go to the link that was provided in the tweet, it takes you to an error page that looks like this:

Star Wars - AMC Theatres

Seems strange to have a Star Wars themed error page instead of just a generic one, and you can’t fool us with your Jedi mind tricks, AMC. More than likely, whoever is in charge of the AMC Theatres social media account jumped the gun and sent out this tweet earlier than they were supposed to.  With the recent rumor that Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets may go on sale on October 19th, maybe that’s when we’ll get news on marathon screenings of the entire saga.

But if you’re not willing to venture out to the theater with the rest of the Star Wars fans, and you haven’t purchased the movies on Blu-Ray or DVD for some reason, it sounds like there may be another way for you to enjoy the saga soon.

Over at, they noticed that the entire Star Wars saga has Netflix pages waiting in the wings for use sometime in the future. Here a screenshot of one of the pages (you can find links to the rest right here):

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back - Netflix

Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily evidence that Star Wars will be coming to Netflix anytime soon. There’s a chance that Netflix merely has placeholder pages for thousands of movies created in advance just so that they’re ready if they ever obtain them for streaming. After all, these pages don’t even have images in the background yet.

At the same time, there have previously been rumors of Star Wars bringing three live-action shows to Netflix, so maybe the streaming service is already firmly working with Lucasfilm and just waiting to make it official. The animated series The Clone Wars is already available on Netflix, so it would only make sense for more Star Wars to come to the streaming service.

This is all unconfirmed for now, but considering just how big of a splash The Force Awakens is going to make this winter, you can bet that Disney and Lucasfilm will be doing everything they can to make sure all the previous Star Wars films are easily accessible leading up to the release of Episode VII. Just stay tuned to find out when and where you’ll be able to see the Star Wars saga in theaters again.

courtesy of Slashfilm

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