Help Bring Back MST3K

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Big news for TV fans: Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson has announced a crowdfunding campaign to try and revive the popular show. MST3K was one of the most beloved cult classic TV series of the ’90s. It featured a man and two wisecracking robots watching–and making fun of–cheesy movies. Now it could return with brand-new episodes, but Joel needs your help to make it happen.

Check out our recent article listing the 25 must-see episodes of MST3K as well as our countdown of the 10 funniest Sci-Fi TV shows which, obviously, includes MST3K.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise $2 Million dollars in the next month to shoot 3 new episodes and a stretch goal to shoot a full 12-episode season if they raise $5.5 Million.

As is expected in crowdfunding campaigns, donation levels offer corresponding rewards.  Here’s a sample for the high-rollers out there:

Take Control…. of the New Episodes!Bringing back MST3K isn’t enough power for you? Great! For real high-rollers, we’re offering all sorts of ways to be part of the episodes themselves. You can…

  • Steal the hearts of millions when you… APPEAR IN AN EPISODE! 
  • Throw around your weight and… BECOME A PRODUCER! 
  • Kickstart your new riffing career and… HELP WRITE AN EPISODE!
  • Immortalize your favorite inside joke with… A PERSONAL RIFF!

Own and Command… Your OWN Robot Friend! 
This one is difficult for me, but I want to make sure this Kickstarter succeeds, so I’m willing to make the sacrifice: a very limited number of you can KEEP THE ACTUAL CROW and/or SERVO FEATURED IN A NEW EPISODE! They’ll record a personalized video for you, and then we’ll ship them off to your doorstep. When we’re done shooting.

One of the most fundamental ways you can help is to spread the word.  Use hashtag #BringBackMST3K and feel free to share this post on your timeline.

Head over to to learn more about what you can do to help introduce MST3K to a new generation.

Let’s help Joel bring back MST3K!


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