SyFy Launching 2 Arthur C Clarke Mini-Series; First Up ‘Childhood’s End’

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Once Considered Unfilmable, Childhoods End Coming to SyFy Channel


With a name like the ScyFy Channel –  you’d figure science fiction would be a major staple of their lineup. Sadly, you would often be wrong, because the Network Formerly Known as Sci-Fi is more interested in paranormal “reality” shows by the truckload and occasionally-so-bad-they’re-good Saturday night monster movies. Could the winds finally be shifting over at Syfy? Could it finally start living up to its name in a way it hasn’t for a while now? It remains to be seen, but greenlighting miniseries projects based on two works by two of the genre’s titans is definitely a good start.

First up, RingworldLarry Niven’s colossal creation is easily one of the most famous science fiction locations of all time, and it’s just begging to be realized up on the big screen. But since that isn’t happening any time soon, we’ll have to settle for our big-screens.

Childhood’s End is one of Arthur C. Clarke’s most enduring works. It tells the story of how humanity must be saved from itself, by an alien species who comes to Earth with nothing but our best interests at heart – but that has a horrifying secret. Humanity can enter a Utopian age, but at the expense of human culture and identity. Suspicions rise as Karellan, the representative of the Overlords, continues to refuse to show his face, instead speaking through human proxies.

 Watch the official trailer here:

Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, Dracula Untold) will play the Overlord ambassador, KarellenJulian McMahaon (Doctor Doom in the last iteration of the Fantastic Four movie franchise) is Rupert Boyce, an enigmatic American entrepreneur. Mike Vogel plays Ricky Stormgren, the most influential human in the world, while Daisy Betts (Shutter) is Ellie, an arts graduate engaged to marry Ricky Stormgren.

Long considered unfilmable, the six part miniseries begins airing on SyFy Channel in December 2015.

Do you think they can pull this off? Share your thoughts below.

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