(VIDEO) Is This Sci-Fi Reimaging of ‘Paradise Lost’ Hollywood’s Next Big Franchise?

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Watch “The Garden” Proof-Of-Concept Video and Decide For Yourself



An apocalyptic horror/fantasy short, written and directed by E.B. Rhee, is poised to launch the next big sci-fi franchise. Within days of being uploaded on VimeoThe Garden snagged the attention of Polymorphic Pictures, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, and Rhee struck a development deal.

After learning that the sun is dying, a group of explorers set out into deep space in search of a new home for humanity, watch the rest here:

While some of the computer-generated FX feel a bit 2-dimensional, the film is incredibly well produced especially given the budget limitations.  Rhee has already developed a script for a series based on The Garden (which he wrote with Aaron Strongoni), vastly increasing the likelihood of this short evolving into something much bigger.

From E.B. Rhee:

“Made for $30k with credit cards and small donations, the vast majority of the cast & crew are friends who worked on this pro bono. My writing partner and I first wrote a feature script, and in an effort to draw some attention to it, we decided to try and make this to give potential investors a tiny glimpse of what the movie could be like. The stylized visuals are obviously not final- you’ll have to wait for the feature for that. We’re indie filmmakers, and we couldn’t afford to hire a VFX company, so we did what we could with what we had. For more info, visit www.thegardenshort.com

What do you think of the short film? Do you think it could become a full length feature? Do you like the idea of short films being developed into feature films? Share your thoughts!

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